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Chocolates, peppermint bark, nut trays, cheese and crackers, fair-trade coffee, preserves and a nice bottle of wine or whiskey are all great options. Give a gift that helps with party-hosting: a wine decanter, cheese knives and board, linen cocktail napkins, barbecue tools, a beautiful serving tray or cake stand.(Bonus points if you arrive with a cake on that cake stand.) A beautiful candle, picture frame, pottery mug, or coffee table book — relating to a topic you know they’re interested in — are always welcome additions to a home. What would you recommend giving a significant other’s parents for Christmas?

The spirit of your budding relationship should be fun and playful; so too should your Christmas gift for that special someone.

Answers to the following questions may give you some gift ideas.

Just remember that it's all about the feeling, and everything you put together will reflect it.

Have some fun with your gift and create some romantic coupons that entitle your special person to kisses, hugs, massage, foot or back rubs.

If needed, include a coupon for babysitting at your house so the couple can have their home all to themselves.

Surprise your love with a romantic evening stroll that leads to a candlelit trail leading to the bedroom.The holidays are fast approaching and so does the magic of the holiday season.With the seasonal change many singles will find their hearts warmed by the care and affection of a new special someone.We know that everyone's situation is unique and we aim to help you find the right product for you. She has a passion for finding ways to save money and sharing those tips with anyone who will listen.We may receive compensation when you visit our partners' sites or are approved for their products. An avid adventurer, she explores the world in her free time (and is always looking for a good deal). Whether or not you’re new on the scene, it never hurts to arrive at your significant other’s parents’ place with a gift in tow. Crochet a throw blanket, knit dish cloths, or make a quilted potholder.Here are some simple gift ideas for your partner’s parents: Your parents love homemade gifts, so why wouldn’t his? Or give a gift that says a little about where you’re from: local maple syrup, your family’s favourite board game, or a delicate blown-glass ornament made by your uncle.You are going to have to use your best judgment on this one.Depending on how new your dating situation is you’re going to want to be cautious to not overwhelm them by your gift.Bring some romance to the holiday season by creating a gift for that special person.Whether it is for your spouse, significant other or married couple that needs a break from life, it is easy to create a romantic mood with a little pre-planning and thought.


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