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The idea of being your own boss, being able to choose your own hours, being more flexible with family and friends and having control of your own financial life is becoming more and more inviting.With the unreliability of future pension packages and retirement annuities and the general uncertainty of our future wealth, it is becoming more and more necessary to start creating one's own nest eggs for the future.Business success is created by hard work and dedication.

Branch out into making and selling assorted platters on order. Pay per packetful, fix the clothes up, add a more modern and customised touch and resell them at your local flea market as second-hand clothing. Doll clothing designer/ toymaker Are you good at sewing?

Do you have several useless pieces of scrap material you don't know what to do with?

Don't forget to get permission from establishments first. Handyman/ Carpenter You already have the basic tools and some know-how? The start-up is a fairly small investment, usually the acquisition of a start-up kit from your local agent. Buy or get a costume made for you, such as a clown outfit, magician suite, etc., and entertain children at birthday parties, fundraisers or children's events.

It's easy to market yourself to neighbours and friends, and thereafter word-of-mouth will bring you further custom. Start off with small jobs and as your confidence grows you can start taking on larger projects. Most companies supply you with sufficient help and guidance, and thereafter it's simply a matter of showing booklets to people wherever you are, obtaining orders, having parties at your house, and so on. Make balloon characters, juggle, clown around and more. Make flyers and hand out to schools, churches, crches, etc. Professional Organiser This is best for articulate, neat people.

Start small with low capital, charge to replace ingredients, and make profit to build up reserves. Computer Design services If you already have a computer and a printer, design labels and advertising pamphlets, type students' projects, CVs, etc. This can be from glass painting, fabric painting, pottery, sketching, bead craft, etc. Music teacher Do you already have piano and/or other musical instruments? Sewing Entrepreneur With your sewing machine and your creative talent, start with sewing alterations.

With the correct programs you can design letterheads and business cards. Teach your craft Are you good at a certain craft, and others keep telling you they wish they could also learn to be as good as you? Teach from your own home, or visit students' homes. Design and make clothes for people from normal wear to specialised evening wear to fancy-dress costumes. Photographer If you are talented with photography and already have a good camera you can hire yourself out to take wedding pictures, 21st birthday parties, office functions.

People love their pets almost as much as their children, so how about taking portrait pictures of people's beloved animals?

Photograph people at local clubs, restaurants, pubs, etc and charge. As your confidence grows and you develop an idea of what to specialise in, go to crches, family nurseries, corporates for advertising commissions, restaurants, schools, churches, etc. Direct Selling It is easy and there are so many products to sell directly such as homewares (Tupperware), cosmetics (Avon, Sh'Zen, Avroy Shlain, Annique), kids' products (Smile, Acorn) and costume jewellery (Honey, etc).

You will eventually specialise in a particular area of business operation. Rent yourself out to residential houses by organising and tidying up garages, home offices, kitchens and other rooms.

Become an adviser on how to organise areas efficiently and clutter-free. Portrait Sketching If you are a fairly talented artist who is good at portraits using various paint mediums, advertise yourself. Family portraits and children's portraits are popular. Tutor Offer to teach extra maths and other subjects to high school learners and students.


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