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After all, the commercials that aired on the original broadcast aren't retained in any of these.Product placement is, at least most of the time, though there have been instances of company logos being digitally blurred out for things such as television broadcasts of movies, if the sponsoring company didn't pay for the additional product placement in these broadcasts.Having a little shuffle (and looking for a bit of extra funding for a new old Harley), so this joins the cull.

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Otherwise known as a "plug" or "writing commercials right into a show".

The practice of prominently displaying or talking about a recognizable product in a program, in exchange for some consideration from the manufacturer, usually monetary.

It can also backfire in the case of a 20 Minutes into the Future production that happens to feature a product or brand that in real life ceased to exist by the time the production was set (a prime example being Pan Am, an airline featured prominently in the 1968 film ) This can occasionally be Truth in Television, since people who enjoy a given product are naturally more likely to say good things about it and/or recommend it to their friends - and, of course, it's not uncommon to name-drop brands in day-to-day conversation (see the genericizing of Coke and Band-Aid, despite the latter's best efforts).

It starts to get a little gratuitous if products visible in television, or film, are the result of product placement; sometimes background logos are unavoidable, or producers choose a product for other reasons, and there's no exchange of money with the manufacturer.

(One notable example, 2001: A Space Odyssey, used Product Placement for a rather specific reason: To make the future presented much more plausible to audiences in 1968.) Even so, some viewers find product placement to be more offensive than sex, violence or the Seven Dirty Words, to the point where parental movie review websites often make a point of singling out films with excessive (or, sometimes, simply any) recognizable brands or products.

For two particular examples, see Everybody Owns a Ford and its computer equivalent, Everyone Owns A Mac.

Slowly the shows set themselves apart from the ads, with announcers shilling for a product, while the characters had an adventure. And, do you know, they said it looked as though the fireworks would spell out words?

Product placement also was frequent during the early days of television, with characters shilling for their sponsor at the end of an episode.


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