Dating boxer stress

You become immediately more inviting and approachable when your open up your torso.

As with taking up space, this helps make you look more confident, and confidence – as we all know – is .

One thing that too many guys do that makes them attractive is that they fidget. They constantly shift their weight from foot to foot.

Their eyes dart all over the place, they twitch like they’re about to vibrate through space and time, their hands flap about wildly when they talk, and and they speak so rapidly they sound like The Micro-Machines guy just discovered the joys of a triple espresso. Cultivating a certain level of stillness and control is seen as being cool and composed.

It can take conscious effort at first – you have to be aware of the times you’re being fidgety and force your hands back to your side – but with time and practice, it becomes second nature. The fewer fillers you use, the more intelligent and suave you seem.

Sometimes it can help to adopt techniques that will you to slow your roll. To start with, you want to speak slower and more deliberately. If you’re about to use one of those fillers, pause instead.


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