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You’ve been out of the game for X many years Things happen so quickly when you’re living abroad or traveling.

I scoffed, but dammit if those words aren’t ringing like the Bell of Good Luck in my 30, flirty, and thriving ears. I worked out plenty, but stress and poor eating habits got the best of me.Until I sort out my job and living situation in Toronto, I’m 30 and living in my parents’ basement. He’s probably still living with Mommy and Daddy, too, or he may have just moved out on his own.You’re ready to re-enter the social scene and he’s eager to experience the city.We’ve all got that added pressure of our contract’s time limit looming over our heads, so more often than not we rush.I remember by our 3rd date (in as many days) went from traveling SEA to living with me in the course of a month.He’ll help you assess the latest gadgets and give you the specs before even heading in to buy the hardware.When I’m still fighting with Olleh/ Korea Telecom (KT) to get my last account closed, it’s great to have a wealth of knowledge helping me along. In the (almost) 3 weeks I’ve been back in North America, I’ve met some truly wonderful people, and surprisingly young and accomplished men.Well, pretty attractive to the average ODB and younger man, alike. Meeting younger guys (organically) has actually taught me a lot about how to relax into the dating world again.I’ve just been living in fantasy land (as far as any recruiters are concerned) for the past 3 years. You might think that dating is the same everywhere. Living in Korea has completely shaped the way I interact with men.If you can’t walk up to a random hottie and pretend you’re just two SIMS characters after that, what HAS Korea taught you? Expats don’t typically buy into the Korean way of dating, but we definitely don’t do it like we would back home.


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