Dating as an investment banking analyst

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But then one day you get a letter from your bank: your sell day is coming up next week. Because your performance on sell day determines which group you’ll be placed into.And that determines which exit opportunities you’ll get, which business school you’ll get into, and your life 30 years into the future.Unlike normal networking situations where you want to ask a substantial question in each interaction, saying “It was nice to meet you” and writing a short note is fine for these emails.

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Dating as an investment banking analyst Free text sex chat without giving email

HR then tries to match up everyone so that you get into one of your top-ranked groups and each group gets their top-ranked recruits. It doesn’t matter quite as much for summers because it’s only 8-12 weeks rather than 2-3 years.Q: What happens if none of my top choices ranked me highly?A: Unlike speed dating, you can’t just be rejected by everyone – so they’ll place you in a group that wasn’t as popular or that couldn’t get their top choices either.Types of Questions Unlike informational interviews or information sessions – where you’re better off sticking to personal questions – you can and should throw in business-related questions on sell day.Examples: You can still ask personal questions about their backgrounds, but sell day is as much intelligence gathering for you as it is courting recruits for the bankers.There’s no “right” answer here because it depends on your background and what you want to do in the future.See: Investment Banking Summer Analyst Group Selection.Screw up your sell day, and you could just fail life. It’s called a “sell day” because the bank is courting you for once.You already have the offer, and now different groups are lining up to recruit you.90% of incoming analysts and associates never bother to set up these “off-book” meetings so you’ll have a huge advantage if you can get the real scoop on different groups.During these meetings, cut to the chase and ask which groups are good, which aren’t, and how you can get placed where you want – remember how you need to ask for what you want in order to get it.


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