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my hair article for Alma, I was looking into stereotypes of Jews — literally reading stuff from the 1880s — and it turns out that way way back, Jews were known for being pale with reddish blondish hair.think it’s definitely starting to become “hotter” to me when someone is a Jew.Now it’s my choice and I kind of miss being “forced” to go to temple, etc. Jessica: I’ve always lived in very Jew-y places, except for like five months in Edinburgh once.

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Then she was single for the next four years, and now she’s in her second serious relationship with a guy she met in a Judaic Studies seminar on Jewish humor (“of all places”).

Al is engaged to a non-Jewish-but-considering-conversion-maybe-eventually-woman. She’s dated Jews and non-Jews and she’s dated (in her words) “I guess a lot.” Let’s dive in…

I don’t at all feel pressure to date a Jewish person and never have.

However, I’m certain that if I had children, my mom would want them to be raised Jewish.

Even if I was dating a Jew, I’d want them to be into being Jewish. My previous relationship was very serious, but we were so young.

Now, even though I am relatively young, I plan on being a working mom someday, in no rush, blah blah, when Ethan [boyfriend] and I discuss our future, we talk about having all our friends to our apartment for Shabbat, or our wedding, or anything like that — I feel like we envision it the same way because we’re both Jewish. Jessica: Same, but for me it’s more my special brand of — I’m sorry I have to say it — nagging.

In my past relationships, I was younger and wasn’t really thinking so far ahead, so none of that future stuff really mattered.

Now that I’m more explicitly looking for the person to spend my life with and have children with, it feels more important to at least try to find a Jewish partner.

As millennial Jewish women, we have lots of thoughts and feelings on dating.

We wonder if the Nice Jewish Boy even exists, if matchmaking works, why people lie on dating apps, and if single Jewish women have superstitions about Kitchen Aids (they do! We’ve written about the Jewish woman crowdfunding her way to a husband and the gun-toting men of JSwipe and how to enjoy your first trip as a couple without breaking up.


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