Dating and cuddling

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Even if its just a weekend or camping in your own backyard.

And you don’t have to solve the world’s problems, though sometimes you can solve one little one, for your favorite person in the world.

) who is convinced that I can teach her (and you) how to create a marriage that feels like a honeymoon. Because I think a honeymoon, while beautiful and wonderful is one note in the long and beautiful song that is life. If you decide to grow, every year you will be discovering your spouse all over again.

And even Celine Dion singing only one note would get annoying after a while. Say to yourself, “Beautiful Self that I adore, I am going to be a person who grows just a little every day.” Discover new things to love and experience awe over.

Amanda Liberty, 33, of Leeds, said she proposed to her favorite chandelier on Valentine’s Day while continuing an open relationship with the rest of her collection of 25 chandeliers.

“You can't control who you fall in love with and things just went from there,” Liberty told Caters News.

However, if I was going to take Beautiful Alexandra’s challenge to create a marriage that felt like a honeymoon seriously, first I would deconstruct what it is about a honeymoon that makes it so magical.

I would start with – When I think of these things, these “elements” of almost any happy honeymoon (and if you had a sad one, I am sorry, it happens, request a do-over). The same endorphins that are flying when you first met will zoom all over your relationship whenever you do a new thing.

Date your sweetie like you just found the love your life and you get to date him for the next 4 decades. It doesn’t have to be long, though sometimes it is. This week’s LOVEWORK is easy…you were going to pick ONE THING that would help you create a marriage that feels like a honeymoon, what would that be?

Make a request, send a text, make reservations, get a baby sitter. It’s my time right after work every week day to share my adventures with The Hubs and to hear his. I totally LOVE IT that you are reading this right now. What is even cooler is if you take ONE THING and put it into action.


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