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It has been suggested that the 13 lines on the conch refer to the 13 lunar/menstrual cycles each solar year.

It has been suggested that the 13 lines on the conch refer to the 13 lunar/menstrual cycles each solar year.

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The tablet has recently been claimed to describe a collision occurred near modern 3,300 BC - Lochmariaquer, France - Several monuments in the Carnac area (dating from 4,700 - 4,500 BC) dismantled and re-used for new constructions. It is suggested that these 56 holes were later used to calculate the Metonic cycle of 18.6 years (3 x 18.6 = 55.8).

It is suspected that at this time, the new monuments were designed with a solar emphasis, in contrast to the earlier, predominntly lunar monuments at Lochmariaquer. The same system can be used to calculate tidal motions (based on lunar activity), eclipses, and ultimately to synchronise the movements of the sun and moon.

While this theory is by no means substantiated, there are several ancient structures which have a clear astronomical nature in their design and the high frequency of association between megaliths and astronomy suggests an mutual relationship.arved-engraved bone plates were the earliest objects which attracted the attention of researchers.

Alexander Marshack (1972) interpreted several of the various Palaeolithic and Mesolithic, mostly portable objects with engraved or painted series of dots or lines as accurate lunar observations.

The 17,000 year old Lascaux Caves are now realised to have had their original opening facing the setting summer solstice.

The sun has been observed to enter the chambers for one hour on this date.

For a long time now the scientific establishment has shown a resistance and even disregard to the idea of astronomy having been practiced in prehistory.

Thankfully, the question of whether astronomy was practiced is now beyond debate, and the doors are open for us to discover the extent of this important development in human awareness.

The earliest suggestion of an astronomical record comes in the form of notched bones, a finding which A.

Marshak and others have interpreted as Palaeolithic lunar counts.


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