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Only bishops can preside at the rite of ordination.

Only bishops can preside at the rite of ordination.

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If there were several elders, the leader was called the and became the English word bishop.

In the early days, bishops rode circuits, as the Apostle John did (Revelation 1-4). Their function is incompletely described in the New Testament, but they seem to have been administrators.

In the eastern Church, only unmarried priests can become bishops, and bishops are not permitted to marry. A canon is a priest who serves on the staff of a cathedral.

The duties of a canon include conducting worship and performing pastoral services, especially when the bishop is visiting other churches in the diocese.

However, if you get twenty people from different backgrounds to study the Bible in order to determine what the Bible says about how the Church should be organized, you will get about forty answers.

They will all have very cogent arguments for their not a separate order of clergy, it is just a bishop who has administrative duties over fellow bishops in a geographical region.In some areas, bishops elect one of their number to be the archbishop; in other areas, the bishops rotate the office.By that time, bishops had territorial supervision over several churches, while the presbyters were responsible for pastoral care of individual churches.Ignatius describes a system identical to the modern practice, well in accord with Titus 1:6-9 and the situation in the seven letters in Revelation. In the historic church, a bishop is a regional minister, a priest with administrative duties over a group of churches in a territory called a diocese.Thus the early Church consisted of congregations served by deacons, run by priests, and supervised by bishops.Or if you dislike words of Greek origin, we could say that early congregations had a board, ministers, and a district superintendent.The head of the Episcopal Church of the USA is called a is the English version of the Greek word επισκοπος (episkopos), which means overseer or supervisor.(Note the progression from episkopos to piskop to bishop.) The qualifications for bishops are given in 1 Timothy 3, but there is no scriptural description of their duties.In the first century, the local church was headed by a bishop and the priests served as a board of advisors who also functioned as clergy under the bishop’s direction.By the time of Ignatius at the end of the first century, the Church had grown.


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