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RSVP prides itself on being able to offer a service that is fast, easy, private and confidential.Established in 1992, RSVP has tens of thousands of lifetime members and numerous successes to its name.This fraud cost the British public 34 million pounds, as opposed to 24.5 million pounds in 2013.

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The city has so much to offer that it’s hard to know where to start, so here’s our guide. A great place for a picnic with your date, this park is home to some of Dublin’s best greenery.

The Emerald Isle is famous for its lush grass, and even in the nation’s busy capital this is still true.

Which leads us to believe that these people who believe that love just happens to you without your knowing, did not expect it to happen. “Life is a flower of which love is the honey” ~Victor Hugo There is an estimated 7.1 billion people on this planet, and out of that horde of individuals, 46% are looking for that one other person that they want to spend the rest of their life with. Not exactly, although the maths are in your favour, it has never been harder to find ‘the one’ and with stories of ‘childhood sweetheart’ filling our timelines, it seems like there is no hope.

Have you tried everything and still cannot find that perfect partner?

Charlotte, owner of Charlotte’s Web Matchmaking, encourages Frasier to sign up to her service.

After being encouraged to lie on his profile by his friend Roz, several bad dates, and watching his matchmaker break down and cry in front of him Frasier asks for his money back.When it was revealed that Tinder were charging older people more for certain services, she went on to criticise not just Tinder but online dating in general for its obsession with youth.Online journalist Alan Martin went further with his allegations of sexism and claimed that women who spend “any amount of time on OKCupid” are “likely to be indecently proposed or sent abusive messages.” Online dating is so full of meaningless or outright misleading clichés that the BBC decided to publish an article which translated the secret language of online dating clichés.Love is a thing that many people expect to just happen.You just wake up one day and BAM you’re in love- but with that theory comes an element of chance, a certain aspect of “right place, right time”.Are you looking for a committed, long-term relationship?If you answered YES to these questions, you are not alone!I bet you are wondering how you go about finding the right person to take to that nice restaurant or bar you’ve been meaning to go to.Dating your perfect partner is the best part of signing up to a matchmaking service, and Dublin is one of the best places to do it.The truth is that a happy relationship requires hard-work and commitment.Yet, many people don’t want to hear this and as a result many myths about happy relationships still exist.


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