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Thought I would ask here as I dont know what to tell her. Good or bad and what did you learn about their culture?i've dated them before i mean everything depends on the person, but sometimes some of them can be so annoying in a sense that they want to sleep with you all time and stuff but then again what man of any culture doesn't Yes most guys I've dated are Caribbean as I live here, They are different, for one they don't view your race as being important, two they're not uptight about what food you prepare if you can cook at all that is, which goes both ways , mind you they like their belly but they can easily BUY mamma's cooking.

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excellent point sis.i actually liken their attitudes to African men in a way.caribbean men and african men are not that different from each

I'm reading all these posts about MOST Trini men not being up to par etc and I must say that I disagree with that statement. In my opinion a man cheats on a woman because she is not taking care of all his needs and wants (sexually of otherwise).

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(18378 Views) Ladies, Can You Date/have You Dated A Nerd? / Is There Any Women Who Is Over 18 And Still A Virgin (1) (2) (3) (4) My girlfriend just met this guy that she is into but is a bit concerned.

I can't stand it when you folks come on here going about Nigerian men this and that! So you either adapt to his way of doing things or look else where! if you aint happy with whomever you are dating move on, na by force yea playerscarribean guys have earned a reputation with promiscuity and children outside wedlock littered practically everywhere Most of my carribean friends dont know their real fathers.

were all raised by their mothers I am scared of carri men so many hot Jamaican and trini men ard thoijaw_girl:yea playerscarribean guys have earned a reputation with promiscuity and children outside wedlock littered practically everywhere Most of my carribean friends dont know their real fathers.

the kind that earn honest/decent livings and provide with no excuses. Women who are goal oriented generally know off gate when a clown is on the prowl and can easily spot him out but some get sucked in because unfortunately our men are known for being smooth talkers!

however sometimes a no nonsense woman can make a Caribbean 'player' change his ways - i can vouch for that one.

eh So the naija man meh like dont want no dealings, mainly cause i from Trini, hmmmm whats this tribe thing bout we all people ent[color=#990000]To summarise the differences we Caribbeans were most of our ancestors that is we once enslaved soooooo We free now and our men like us like that, to be FREEthey like women to make theie own choices no masaa tie down thing Our men not in this tribe thing no toooo this or u too thatnah our men like the rest of us aint have no ties to no part of the world no overdon patriotism here so once u a good woman no matta if u come from kitty country u good to go Another difference is the naija man i know wanna be like well u have to have good degre,good family,good money No man, our men good body, nice personality,sweet and friendly with yes ambition still bt not all that materialistic checklist to prove to his family that you are nice, So i say, thats sums it upohhh and the sex, well we have the best beaches so most of them , like nearly all men like a lady in the road, but secretly they want all their friend lusting over their sexually alluring woman!!!!!!

A trini say so bout nigerian vs caribbean men I disagree Naija men very ritualistic about things most thing follow a certain custom and are adhered to by unspoken rules Caribbean men grow up most of them or live near to beach so with that goes a certain level of propreity, a very free spirited level Mind you depending on the job they hold they maybe be very proper and well mannered but after 4pm it flies out the window esp when they around their women!


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