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Many bronze “friction folders” have been discovered from the Roman Empire.These knives didn’t have locks or springs, but rather used friction to stay closed and required pressure from the hand or thumb to stay open.Whether yours was a gift from your pops or you got it while working on your first badge as a Cub Scout, it no doubt became a trusty sidekick you relied on for a bunch of little tasks.

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Still, during its over-100-year run, the knife has made a few noteworthy changes.They dropped the line after a couple of years, but used knives show up for sale online from time to time. The centerpiece of the Outrider Damast is the 3.4” Odin’s Eye pattern Damasteel blade.And, in place of the standard red cellidor scales, Victorinox opted for a premium wood fiber composite handle from Epicurean, a company that specializes in the material.However, these identifiers could have come off or been removed from a genuine knife or the knife could have one of the symbols but still be a fraud, so it is best to get the verification of a knowledgeable, trustworthy knife collector or antique appraiser.Look at the physical characteristics of your knife: color, shape and blade style/count.As with all antiques, don't sell anything to the very first appraiser you see about the item.They could be attempting to give you an unfair deal, especially if they seem forceful or try to rush you into selling by threatening their offer won't stand long.TSA Knives will MATCH your and make a Classic sold.Should be a win/win deal for you and the Wounded Warrior Project.Review the following to get a starting point to making an estimation on your knife's age: The original 1891 model was brown and about 4 inches long. The Swiss Army knife was not "spring-loaded" until 1897--that was the first red-handled model.The spring is what enables it to have multiple tools on each side.


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