Dating a pignose amp

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Martin D-18S 12-fret “Standard” Dreadnought Martin’s Dick Boak helped us identify this guitar, which is a D-18S 12-fret “standard” Dreadnought with a slotted headstock; Brazilian rosewood fretboard, headplate, and bridge; and mahogany back and sides.

Vintage US made Pignose can be easily recognized by: (i) red/blue/silver label inside (photo below) as opposed to the white label of the Chinese-made reissues; (ii) larger weave pattern on the grill cloth; (ii) the angle of the Pignose logo; (iv) bigger and deeper contoured metal corners; and, (v) the louder, fatter and more powerful sound with richer harmonics.

With the combination of quality workmanship and affordability central to everything Ibanez does.

Luthier/electronics maker Rex Bogue—the man who Zappa also tasked to bring Hendrix’s charred Miami Pop Festival Strat back to life—added various delights to this guitar, such as phase switches and an onboard preamp (Bogue passed away in 1996).

cover (right), this Les Paul Custom is loaded with Seymour Duncan humbuckers and has been outfitted with a Dan Armstrong Green Ringer circuit (which was installed in the control cavity) and an XLR output jack.


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