Dating a divorcee with kids

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Now in nearly all cases this isn't the parent's first choice; they don't or some divorcing parents, particularly moms or whomever was the kids' primary caregiver, this new free time can be something they haven't had in years. All of us need structure in our lives, although hectic and overwhelming at times, it's good for us to have structure because it keeps us out of trouble.

So Meagan's new found free time combined with her desire to and for companionship has resulted in her spending a lot of time at a couple of local restaurants with bars.

When you're losing a partner through divorce, or more accurately for many people, when a divorce finalizes the loss of a partner who's been gone for a while, it's very tempting to seek out new companionship. Meagan has stated several times in our divorce counseling that she's entitled to since Colin did (without her) during their marriage.

Since their separation more than 6 months ago they've handled the custody of their 3 kids 50/50.

Their split custody arrangement has given her 3 days a week without parenting responsibilities and so she now has the time to do it, too.

This is a common result of a divorce -- parents go from being full-time parents to being part-time ones.In my opinion he's been too patient at times (we all have a responsibility to our kids to hold the other parent responsible for appropriate parenting).Colin's silence is partly due to his guilt over his prior bad choices, as well as the dysfunctional relationship they've had for years in which he was not honest with her.I'll start to slowly ask more questions as I get to know him. I have no problem letting go of a man if he does not want me.By "second wife", I meant that he is splitting his attention between you and his ex.He needs to step up, be a father and stop using the 4 year old as an excuse to spend time with the ex. The ex-wife showed up at a game watching party at his house with the kids. I, too, have had the concerns of them remarrying due to the amicable friendship.He appears to still try to "be a father," but not in his previous household.Dating during divorce with kids is difficult to do.Obviously, we're dating for ourselves, not for our kids, but that doesn't have to make it bad or wrong.The kids don't always have the attentive mom they used to have, as some days Meagan's thinking and speech can be slow and groggy.Colin has been patient with her behavior and how it's negatively affected their co-parenting.


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