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The music and field presentations became more spectacular, and the competitions became very popular.(Reference 3) As the demand for bugles grew, Bach recognized that money might be made on this front as well.There was an explosion of drum and bugle corps sponsored by these groups. As Bach entered the instrument business, the bugles used in drum and bugle corps were beginning to evolve into evermore-complex instruments.

The lowest range of serial numbers that might have been assigned to bugles begins with serial number 350.While the answers to those questions are incomplete, things are a little clearer in the case of his bugles.With no immediate orders in hand, it appears that he did not make any bugles right away.He may have assumed that if you could make trumpets and cornets you could make bugles.Nonetheless, he knew how much he was going to charge for them as they had a price in his catalog. There is no record of the date, even an approximate one.They were coiled tightly so they could be carried in a small pouch.Bach is reported to have been in charge of an Army bugle school during World War I (Reference 2), so he understood military requirements.He also offered three different models: Stradivarius, Apollo and Mercury. Did Bach have some of each of these instruments on hand when he published his catalog?Did he make prototypes beforehand to ensure that he could in fact make all of them?After trying his hand at bugle making for awhile, he began to complain about a basic problem. Bach’s normal business approach was to make high quality instruments and sell them at a price higher than that of his competitors.He found that musicians were willing to pay for quality.


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