Dating 3 months he said im smothering him

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Others have been single for a while and worry that their thoughtful considerate approach might be interpreted as disinterest.It’s quite common in the dating arena for men to play it cool and women to play hard to get.

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In the early dates, it is best to talk about your work and interests, interspersed with a few intriguing facts, but hold back on the meatier information until you get to know one another better.

This will make you more interesting and intriguing.

The truth is that if you have a varied life filled with commitments, then you won’t need to play waiting games because you will genuinely be busy and will have to make time to reply to potential dates, which will subsequently make them feel more valued that you are making the effort to fit them into your schedule.

Also genuinely busy people tend to answer as and when they get a text.

Avoiding the extremes of being either the Ice King/Queen or Mr/Miss Clingy is a delicate balancing act when it comes to dating someone for the first time, especially when playing it cool might leave you frozen out in the cold, says Sloan Sheridan-Williams Acting desperate in any situation is not a good look, but this is especially true when it comes to dating.

Clients often come to me having had a string of short-lived romances and starting the next one almost immediately after the end of the previous one.

They say that to play it cool you must not discuss your burgeoning relationship with the other person because every time you bring up that conversation about where things are going, you lose power.

As a play cool tactic this sounds like it makes sense, however it makes more sense to know what you want out of any relationship no matter who the person is.

At the end of the day, all this boils down to is both sexes playing games with each other to avoid looking needy and to avoid rejection, which can result in the object your affection thinking that you’re cold and disinterested.

By playing it cool, what you are actually doing is unconsciously shutting yourself off from genuine love and connection because you are not capturing the attention or interest of a potential partner, and thus cutting yourself off from one of your basic emotional needs.


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