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I ran across a case where a developer had two datagrid columns side by side, one was the Data Grid Check Box Column and the other one was a Data Grid Template Column like the ones above. It’s just not updating the bound property at the correct time.The developer was convinced that something was going on because the binding was working for one and not the other. To fix this, simply make the following tweak to the binding statement.I'm somewhat of a beginner with ASP in Dreamweaver, but can copy code if you need it... Exception: Unsupported TYPE attribute: undefined at Dreamweaver Ctrls. Get Db Type From String(String str) at Dreamweaver Ctrls.

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This should now cause the property to change immediately once the checkbox is checked (once the Is Checked property changes).

Hi, I have a valid update Stored procedure that works, however, I have built a datagrid w/ 7 out of the 8 columns one of which is unique...

When I click Edit, it does open up the record for me to edit, but when I click Update, nothing happens.

It appears that nothing is being posted back to the database...

Add(FName) Dim LName As Sql Parameter = New Sql Parameter("@Last Name", Sql Db Type.

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Add(LName) Dim DLParam As Sql Parameter = New Sql Parameter("@Date L", Sql Db Type.

The simplest way of doing this is by defining a Data Grid Check Box Column.

When people do this, they sometimes find that the bindings don’t work properly.

when I run the stored procedure thur server explorer, I don't have an issue though.

they are datetime in the sqltable, and in the datagrid I format them to be shorter...


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