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Arcade games are probably the best bets, because they don't REALLY have much of a story (whereas TV shows, role-playing games, etc. One that is apparently already in development but that would benefit from being incorporated is Centipede. (Another giant monster property that might fit is the board game King of New York, but hasn't that city seen enough action? Here's what IMDB has to say about the plot: "In the future, year 30XX, mankind has finally reached the ability to travel at light speed using block-like spaceships called Tetroids. Jenga might have value (bring those buildings down for [PLOT! The team has a zoologist and a geneticist, I'm sure we could get bizarre Resident Evil transformations out of the virus flare. Toys that never did have their own viable cartoon series could be the basis for a Rampagey movie.

The amazing aspect is that you have all of this highly organized. I just have to tame things out of utter necessity, as I often refer to my collection as “the archive”, as I need to refer to various comics, LPs, etc for research purposes for my Chicago Reader strip and my Galactic Zoo Dossier magazine.So I try to file away things in order as soon as possible, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to move around in my place much!Sometimes piles do build up, and I am seemingly out of room to file away more items, but I always find a way to get creative and expand.I think both warped my young brain without me directly knowing it.Can you share with us where the name and aesthetic practice of Plastic Crimewave originated?Kraków), one is immediately teleported to another place, time, and being.The space is covered from floor to ceiling with vintage posters of 1970s icons like Burt Reynolds to first printings of Marvel Comic’s Daredevil dating back to 1964. to investigate with the same team, which is what they seemed to be hinting.So what other, probably cheap, properties COULD we graft onto the Rampageverse? When science goes wrong, that Other Government Agency is called into action to fight... Trying to think of a board game that would fit the Rampage Cinematic U, and science-fiction or even contemporary themes are rather rare. is abstract, and Hungry Hungry Hippos is too silly.Well, I liked rocker names like ‘Aladdin Sane”, “ mars Bonfire” , “Helios Creed” and “Android Funnel” and wanted a name for both stage and for my artwork.I think I technically took the “Crimewave” part from an obscure 70s Daredevil villain who has a sweet purple/green costume scheme (my fave), and the even more obscure Canadian garage-psych band Plastic Cloud.


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