Dangers of dating married men

He dictates how and when you will see him to avoid friction with his wife.9.

Simply put, a wise lady never dates a another woman's husband.

From the start, dating a married man might look all exciting and beautiful, bear in mind, however, that you are simply being instrumental to the destruction of a couple's home.

You Keep It Secret Because of the stigma involved in dating another woman's husband in this part of the world, you try your best not to publicize your affair.

No romantic walk in the park, both of you are afraid of colleagues and families seeing you together.

In this case, you are the "other woman" depriving the wife and her kids of their father's time. He Cannot Meet Your Needs One of the reasons ladies give when you ask while they choose to date married men, is that he meets their needs.

Although a married man can supply romance and sometimes, material things, he cannot meet all your needs.

You simply end up loosing out completely, because when he has had a fill of the cookie he came for, a married man returns to his wife while you go back to point zero.2. How could you trust a man who is already cheating on his wife with you?

While you are aware that he is not being honest with his wife, he is probably preoccupied with the thoughts of you also seeing another man. Sharing Him With Another Woman Frankly, you are not the one sharing him with another woman, it's the wife sharing his husband and father of is kids with you.

After the hot romance and sweet words, he returns home to meet the same woman he might have rubbished in your ears.

The thoughts of having him sleep in the arms of another man could be destabilizing.


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