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“So I just made the decision in him to just go ahead and put in the Re STOR bilaterally and he is absolutely ecstatic he’s never worn glasses since and he can see everything.” What Dr.Horn does now is to put in the Aspheric Re STOR first, see how the patients do with their intermediate vision and if they were happy with it, he implants the Re STOR bilaterally. Dougherty said he uses the Re Zoom (Advanced Medical Optics, Santa Ana, Calif.).Some of them don’t wear glasses but I don’t want to promise that. to insert the Crystalens as well as the medical director involved in attaining Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval of the lens, explained: “I don’t think there’s any downside in terms of risk or decreased quality of vision or anything compared to us using the very best monofocal IOL.

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The latest design of the Crystalens includes an enlarged optic (5.0mm) and better optical performance with an aspheric design.

This results in the best performing Crystalens to date. Nichols, MD Ph D as published in Physicians Practice magazine, January 2005.

“I typically use it in the dominant eye of patients [who I have] put a Re STOR in the first eye or the non-dominant eye, [and] they feel the reading is just too poor because [the Re Zoom] tends to give a little better intermediate vision,” he said. Dougherty, said is that he’s had more issues with glare with the Re Zoom than he’s had with the Re STOR.

He has also had some problems with its pupil dependence so patients with smaller pupils seem not to get much effect, he said. Slade said: “The disadvantage is that we can’t tell people that they’re going to have perfect glasses-free vision.

Ever since their conception, multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs) have been measured against their predecessor, monofocal lenses.

With the appearance of accommodating lenses on the market in recent years, inevitable comparisons are now being drawn between multifocal lenses and the latest advancement in IOL technology.

Slade said, “You might wind up with some quality of vision issues that you would not wind up with the monofocal.” He conceded, however, that the Re STOR Aspheric seems to be designed to address that quality of vision issue and results from his practice as well as others’ seems to be better than the regular multifocals, he said.

The Crystalens gives the best quality vision at distance and it gives very good intermediate vision, he added. Horn agrees that the Crystalens gives good quality vision, he said, “The problem with the Crystalens is that it’s not as predictable in terms of the refractive outcome and you can aim for a certain refractive power and end up with something that’s different.

The Crystalens changes position in response to changes in the ciliary muscle.

On the left, the lens is flexed backwards, resulting in good distance vision.


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