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13California Caliope Calipso Calpe Calumet Calypso Cambria Cambridge Camden Camden Line Camden Line, Pattern CCamel D125Cameo No. 1183Candle Stand Timepiece Candy Strip Doric Canoga Canton Capel Capital Capital No.

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2 1/2Bristol Bristol Extra Brittany Bronson Bronto and Rattler Brookfield Brooklyn Bruce Buckshot Buenos Dias Buenos Noches No. 2H07Bugs Bunny Bulldog Bullion Bulls Eye Bungalow Burglar Alarm Instrument, Style CBurl Cabinet Cabinet - JCabinet ACabinet Antique Cabinet Antique No. 31Chinese Chinese Lacquer Chippendale Chipper Christmas Wreath Chromo Time Chronometer Chronometer Lever Chronometer Lever No. 22Claremont Clarence Claudius Clayton Cleopatra Cleopatra Swing Clepsydra Clifton Climax Climax Variant Clinton Clio Clipper Clock No. 616Church Cigar Box Cimbria Cincinnati Circe Circle Drop Citizen No. 320Cuckoo Style Cumberland Cupids Curfew Curtis Girandole Custom Cute Cygnet Cymbal Cymbal 4Cymbal 5Cymbal No. 4Dickory, Dickory, Dock, Model 5Digby Ding Dong Ding Dong No. 3Detroit Dew Drop Dew Drop Calendar Dewdrop Calendar Dewey Dewey Manila Dexter Diadem Diamond Head Banjo Diana Diana Ball Swing Diana Swing Diana, Hunting Diantie No. 6Double Figure Swing Double Figure Swing, Huntress and Fisher Double Steeple Dover Dragon Drake Drave Dreadnaught Dresden Dresden Extra Drop Calendar Drop Calendar No. 1Drop Octagon Extra Drop Octagon Extra Calendar Drop Octagon No. 2Drop Octagon Rc Drop Octagon RC, 8 Inch Drop Octagon Round Corner Drop Octagon XXDrop Octagon, 10 Inch Drop Octagon, 10 Inch, Gilt Calendar Drop Octagon, 11 Inch Drop Octagon, 12 Inch Drop Octagon, 12 Inch No. 9 Inch Drop, 6 Inch Ducat Duchess Duchesse Duet Duet No. 3F51Dundee Dunraven Duplex Meteor Durate Dutch Girl Bronze Dutchess Dwarf Dwight Dynaire E Calendar No. 4Desk Desk Clock Desk Picture Frame Desk Set Desk Set No. 3Drop Extra Drop Extra Calendar Drop Octagon Drop Octagon BDrop Octagon Calendar Drop Octagon Calendar No. 37-38Elliptical Elmwood Elsa Elton Elysian Elysse Embassy Emblem Emerald No. 94Baby Baby Ben Baby Ben Style 1Baby Patti Bacchante Bachelor S5Bagdad Bahama Bahia Bahia Mosaic Balcony Balcony, 12 Inch Balcony, 18 Inch Balcony, 24 Inch Ball Top Ballerina Balltop Baltic Baltimore Banjo Bangor Banjo Banjo No. 2Beacon, Diadem Beam Engine Beating Heart Beating Time Beatrice Beaver Bedford Bedouin Bee Beehive Beer Drinker Beijing City Series Belden Belfast S2NBelfry Alarm Belgian Slate Belgium Belgrade No. 2Dickory, Dickory Dock Dickory, Dickory, Dock Dickory, Dickory, Dock No. 3Diplomat Dispatch Dixie Dniester Dog With Ear Up Dolaro Dolores Dolphin Domino Don Don Caesar Don Caesar and Don Juan Don Ceasar Don Juan Don Juan and Don Caesar Don Juan and Don Cesar Donald Duck Doncaster Donegal Donita Doon Doric Doric Mosaic Doric No. 2Dickens Dickory Dickory Dock Dickory Dickory Dock Model No. 3Dorothy Dorval Double Dial Double Dial Ceiling Double Dial No. 3027Drop Octagon, 8 Inch Drop Octagon, 9 Inch Drop Octagon, Calendar No. 575Eagle Eagle Series Earl Early Bird Early Cottage East-West Echo Eclipse Eclipse Calendar Eclipse Regulator Edina Edmond Edmund Edna Edward Egulator No.


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