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Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. The castle at Dol is owned by the Chateaubriand family. We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Ch.^)ker Pedigree 62 Second Administration of Rich.\rd Pomeroy, Father of Eltweed 62 The Pomeroy Pedigree (two pages facing) 108 Christening of Eltwitt Pomeraye, Beaminster Parish Records 124 Marriage of Eltwide Pumery and Johana Keech, Beaminster Parish Records 126 Baptism of Dinah, filia Eltwidi Pumery 126 Funeral of Johana uxor Eltwiti Pomery 127 Marriage Record of Eltweed Pomery and Marjory Rockett, at Crewkerne, Somerset 128 Signatures of Eltweed Pomeroy 135-138 Commission of Seth Pomeroy as Major at Louisbourge 171 Commission of Seth Pomeroy as Colonel at Lake George 171 Col. It is a few miles away from the town and is one of the few remaining fortresses of the Norman period.

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Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. It has been said that the "foolish Couesnon river (between Brittany and Normandy), by its innum- erable turnings placed St. April 1563, at Ilsington; lived at West Ogwell ; d.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Michael's Mount in the territory of Normandy, when it logically belonged to Brittany." This view was also entertained by many of the Kings of France, and several efforts were made to secure possession of it by storm and strategy.

Ono • •• Vlll Oiiriitliij JJiiwcrnii Tiis i£mn is Smiud i$ 400 numbend opus. Built dy Henry de Pomeroy 94 Tremeton Manor and Castle. Eventually, the Mount was acquired by Richard I., Duke of Normandy, son of William Longsword, who took down the oratories, and in 966 had built on the summit of the granite rock an immense church, surrounded by spacious y j Btorg of tlyg Pmnrrog yamtlg 12 and enduring embrasures.

Erected before the Conouest 96 Castle of Saint Michael's ^Iount 100 Mount Edgcomb House and Hedingham Castle 102 Co MPTON Castle, Held by the Families of Raleigh and Guilbert 104 Mocollop Castle and H addon Hall, Home of De Vernon 105 Pomeroy Coat-of-Arms and Crests 106 The Pomeroy Achievement 109 Heraldic Key 110 xi 9art Olitui Page Importance of Preserving Family Records 113 Mission in Search of Records and Verification 116 Photographic Evidence from Salisbury 117 Survey of Counties Somerset and Dorset 119 Survey of Counties Devon and Cornwall 121 Eltweed Pomeroy ; His Descendants in America 124 Second Generation 138 Third Generation 146 Fourth Generation 164 Fifth Generation 192 Sixth Generation 286 Seventh Generation 429 Eighth Generation 634 Ninth Generation 774 Tenth Generation 807 Eleventh Generation 812 Pomeroy Ancestral Chart ; A Study in Heredity 813 Pomeroy Men in the Re\*olution 827 First Major-General of the Massachusetts Army 827 First Brigadier-General of the Continental Army 831 Pomeroy Men in Massachusetts Organizations 834 Pomeroy Men in Connecticut Organizations 846 Pomeroy Forage-Master in New Jersey 847 Pomeroy Men in the Colonial Wars of Connecticut and Massachusetts 848 Addenda — Lost Pomeroy Families 849 Thomas Pomeroy — "Foreigner and First Settler" 850 John Suluvan Pomeroy — ^Unknown 855 James Pomeroy of Brixham, England 856 "The Great Release" 859 Index First — Pomeroy Christian Names and Marriages 861 Index Second — Names Other than Pomeroy^ in Collateral Lines, (Include Children and Grandchildren of Pomeroy Mothers) 893 # Afabntrtatimt B vmt itt tl{i B (Sntralnsiral ftrgi Bt^r The abbreviations used throughout this volume are explained below or elsewhere near the matter they refer to. Then in a chart ratified by King Lothaire, and by a bull of Pope John XII., he installed there thirty Benedictine monks. (The Good), Duke of Normandy, son of Richard I., laid the foundation of a still larger edifice, enlarging the surface by massive arches.

It is an historic and almost a sacred spot, this little Dives, with its famous inn, and one to which the pilgrim may well repair with pleasure and advantage.

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The village, once an important place on the coast, contains some interesting carved houses and a church. Children by ist wife: .0120 Lettice Pomeroy, first dau.

Situated at the small village of Dives, near the sea-coast in Calvados, is the hostellerie de Guillaume le Conquerant, one of the most ancient and celebrated inns of France.

And the dwellers in the Channel Islands, which belonged to Xormandy, naively insist that the "Channel Islands do not belong to England, but that England belongs to them," and they say it in their Xorman-French language.

The ancient harbor at the mouth of the river Dives has been filled up with sand, and a pillar (described on another page) marks the spot where the Conqueror is supposed to have set sail.

It looks out over the barren waste of land which has reclaimed itself from the channel, and it was from here that William, Duke of the X^ormans, set forth for the conquest of England.


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