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So my wife being in another state didn't seem like such a big deal compared to what our brave soldiers and their families do.Star: We've both come to the conclusion that it's best that we're separated during this time.

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And nearly everyone I interviewed found more than just a silver lining to the experience — they found a stronger relationship on the other side. Star and Louie are high school sweethearts who have been together since October 2006.

They went to the same college and got married in March 2013.

They have been living separately since the fall of 2014 while Star completes law school.

Star: Going to Indiana University for law school was my dream since I was a little kid.

It was very obvious to both of us that in order for us to achieve this, we would have to make sacrifices, and distance was the biggest of them all.

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As prepared as you think you are, though, it still sucks.Louie: Almost every person I speak to about my wife being in another state for law school tells me I'm crazy.They cannot comprehend how much we trust each other, and they all used to doubt that we would make it.Last semester, we were in a wedding in Las Vegas, and we wanted to save money, so we sacrificed seeing each other more so we could have a good time there. Being in law school is pretty miserable at times, and it's hard to come home and not be able to cry on my husband's shoulder. A big part of a relationship is being in the same room and not having to say anything. Louie: Sometimes, I'll feel sad, and then I'll be angry.It was hard; we'd gone about two months without seeing each other. The main financial strain we have is the need to see each other. The sadness happens because when I come home from a long day of work, I would just like to see her or hug and kiss her, but I can't.But that doesn't make it any easier when you come home after a long, shitty day and your spouse is 7,000 miles and 10 time zones away.After I put out a call for stories about long-distance marriages via the Buzz Feed Community, I received more than 300 responses from people who have spent (or are currently spending) an extended period of time living away from their spouse.Here are some aids to make those Skype sessions with your significant other the highlight of your night -- and some you can even use if you're single and just looking to experience the futuristic technology sex toys can offer.Even if you couldn't care less about Google Glass, you'll want to be an early adopter in this industry.When you're not together, how do you stay connected? We're not big fans of Face Timing, but we just got into a Sunday morning ritual where we get on Face Time and drink coffee together. I have a lot of homework and reading and sometimes it's really hard for me to talk to him because I'm in meetings or the library, so it'll be a short conversation, and that's kind of sad. We have two rents to pay; we have to buy two sets of groceries. We decided before I left that we'd try to see each other twice a month. That's usually followed by anger that it's BS that we have to make such a sacrifice, and I question whether we made the right decision. I go do things to distract myself, but it's not the same without her.Louie: I make sure to tell her good morning every day before I go to work, and we talk for about an hour before going to bed. We did that a lot my first year, but it's pretty expensive to fly, and the drive is 15 ½ hours. Star: Not being able to help him through that is really hard.


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