Consolidating u15

We are excited at the prospect of seeing the team develop, progress and improve both personally and collectively.

Additionally, we would like to welcome the players parents and families and thank them in anticipation for their continued support with the club.

“Our aim is at consolidating a solid platform for the sustainable growth of women’s football within CONCACAF,” said CONCACAF President and FIFA Vice President, Victor Montagliani.

“The third annual edition of the CONCACAF Women’s Football Day will be focused on providing further access for younger generations to play the game.”As the focus of CONCACAF Women’s Football Day 2017, on Saturday, November 18, the Confederation will officially kick off the preparations for the 2018 CONCACAF U-15 Girls’ Championship.

Manager, Paul Spence would like to welcome all the boys into our newly formed team and look forward to an enjoyable and successful season of football.

Our aim is to provide fun based training sessions to consolidate the individual skills and qualities each player brings, transferring these into our matches.

Under-16 Premier League Cup Introduced alongside the Under-18 Premier League Cup from the 2017/18 season, the U16 Premier League Cup adds a competitive, season-long tournament to the Youth Development Phase programme.

Category One Academies will be split into six groups of four teams, with clubs playing each other once in the group stage, either home or away.

For an overview visit, or for an in-depth look at the Games Programme, read below.

The Premier League provide up to 6,000 matches to clubs across all age groups (data for 2014/15 season that could yet increase), through competitions, festivals and tournaments.


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