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We did research on the top private student lenders and came up with some criteria by which you can judge which private student loan is the best for you.Getting a Cosigner You may want to consider getting a cosigner on a loan.If you’ve exhausted all these options, it may be time to consider a student loan.

Some of the lenders we reviewed do offer that – but you’re taking a risk because most forbearance programs are arbitrary, meaning the loan companies can decide whether or not to grant you the forbearance period.

You might need private student loans to fill the gap between federal loan funds and the actual costs of college.

Student loans are considered higher risk than car loans, house loans and other loans you can get from a local bank.

You will have to go to a lender that specializes in student loans or to a bank big enough to offer them.

The first place you should look for help paying for school is scholarships and grants. If you’ve maximized those opportunities, see if your college offers a work-study program.

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Work-study jobs are government-subsidized and are available to students who demonstrate financial need.

Before you go to a private bank or lender, though, it’s important that you take advantage of all the resources offered by the federal government.

This is because federal loans have lower rates and offer better repayment terms than private student lenders.

We spent 40 hours researching student loans, contacting lenders and learning about rates and repayment options. It has flexible loan terms, high limits and good rate reduction bonuses if you have a Citizen’s Bank account. It has a longer forbearance period, but offers more repayment lengths and higher loan limits.

Lend Key has the shortest cosigner release period and longer forbearance than other lenders.


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