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This core of hard-right voters threw its support behind political candidates like the overtly pro-Confederate Corey Stewart, who nearly won Virginia’s GOP gubernatorial primary.In Alabama, Roy Moore, a rabidly anti-LGBT former state chief justice who has suggested that slavery was good for families, won the GOP nomination for U. Senate before losing a squeaker in the general election.If 2016 was the year of white supremacists being electrified by the rise of Donald Trump, his inauguration in January sent them into a frenzy. Far-right populist movements were on a global tear, first with Brexit in 2016 and then with nationalist parties seeing hefty gains in political power across Europe.

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Rabidly racist and antisemitic web forums like Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer drew huge numbers up until the Charlottesville rally, when the finally outraged tech world began to take down their platforms.

In the summer of 2016, Daily Stormer averaged about 140,000 unique page views a month.

It was so popular that even antigovernment militias, which usually shun hate group events, got into the act.

In 2017, being a white nationalist suddenly seemed hip.

A post-Charlottesville /ABC News survey found that 9 percent of Americans — about 22 million people — thought it was fine to hold neo-Nazi or white supremacist views.

And racists were reminded in January that they still have a sympathetic ear in the White House when Trump referred to Haiti and African countries as “shitholes.” Whatever the tactical losses the hate movement is suffering because of Charlottesville, the longer-term trend — in particular due to America’s changing demographics and Trump fanning xenophobic flames — will continue to fuel a white nationalist backlash in the coming years.

Image and style became nearly as important as the message.

And white nationalism — now rebranded as the “alt-right” — crept further into the mainstream than it had in decades.


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