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We had a lot of other things in common, but between that and a few other reasons, we realized we weren't as compatible as we'd originally thought. I've never gone to a convention, but I wouldn't mind going just to see what all the hullabaloo is about.Honestly, there were times that I felt like she looked down on me like a child for still enjoying these things, you know? Dressing up....well, I do have a Superman belt buckle and shirt.

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I'm not the type of comic book geek that has long discussions on who could beat who or that kind of thing, but I do have a rather large library of graphic novels from all sorts of different companies (not just Spider-Man or Batman type).

Honestly, I love the mythology and ideological aspects behind superheroes (empowerment, freedom, identity, etc) and everything they represent.

There would hardly be any genuine information about characters and people on the internet if memes were not there.

Nobody could have figured out what a dog or a cat might be muttering internally.


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