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The first Hindu guru to visit the United States was Protap Chunder Mazoomdar, who spoke to a group gathered in Massachusetts.Ten years later he returned in the company of Swami Vivekananda, founder of the Ramakrishna Mission to attend the World’s Parliament of Religions in Chicago.The same web site provides statistics from a poll in which poll subjects were asked what religion they considered themselves to be, rather than what religion they were actually affiliated with.

Early Chinese immigrants were men who came over without wives and families, expecting to work in the gold mines and then on the transcontinental railway in the 1860s.

Temple construction in India started nearly 2000 years ago and marked the transition of Hinduism from the Vedic religion.

The architecture of Hindu temples has evolved ever since resulting in a great variety of styles.

Hinduism originated in India so long ago that most historians do not attempt to date it.

Buddhism began about 2,500 years ago and spread throughout Asia.


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