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It is an Old Testament historical narrative that ultimately points us to God's provision for His people in Christ.The author is not meaning to teach us how to conduct any particular person-to-person relationship.

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Again, I totally understand the temptation to read Ruth in the way you described.

Still, in love I have to tell you that the book of Ruth neither provides an example of a woman romantically initiating with a man, nor stands for the proposition or teaching that such initiating in a modern dating context is commendable. Your other question was essentially, "If that's true, now what?

Therefore, Patty, your question is actually a hot topic.

According to Findthe, a data-driven comparison site, here are statistics for some of the most popular sites: Christian Mingle (38% male and 62% female), (49% male and 51% female), e Harmony (33% male and 67% female) and One Good (52% male and 48% female).

It is good and wise to set patterns in dating that will serve you well in marriage, especially if you accept the idea, as I do, that the purpose of a dating relationship is to find and evaluate a potential husband or wife.

I've written more fully about this in the Biblical Dating series, but my advice to single Christian women in a nutshell is to pray that God would fulfill your good and godly desire for a husband, serve actively in a good church (which you should do regardless of any desire for a husband), and get to know guys in that setting and in other group contexts.

Organize group dinners or activities and be as deliberate as you want about the guest list. You don't need to let guys initiate all the conversations or otherwise be a shrinking violet.

Then trust the providence of our good and sovereign God about a relationship with any particular guy.

In seeking to apply Scripture to our lives, it's obviously hugely important that we correctly consider the genre, context and authorial intent of the book or passage we're reading.

As a matter of scriptural interpretation, Ruth's approach of Boaz on the threshing floor (Ruth 3:1-13) is not an example of romantic initiation by a woman toward a man.


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