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Note that many of the sites require you to search for your information first, and then copy and paste the link to your data into the opt-out form. popup=true White Pages: Zaba Search (scroll down to "How to Remove your Information from Our Database"): here for more stories, photos, and video from 7 On Your Side.Been Verified: https:// Intelius: https:// Look https:// You: https:// Finder: https:// Finders: https:// People Lookup: https:// People Smart: https:// Phonesbook: https:// Spokeo: https:// Truth Finder: https:// USA People Search: https:// US Identify (scroll down to "IV.

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If you sign up, you'll pay $2,000 a year for at least six introductions, and if you end up getting married, it's customary to pay Winer a bonus. But, at the very least, send a photo for her collection. Eventually, she moved and their affair could not withstand the distance. Maximova, 41, is the founder of Perfect Search, a firm that helps high-earning men find serious relationships.

Melinda Maximova and her first boyfriend were best buddies. The company is based in San Francisco and has 13 agents in three cities.

She works with 100 clients at a time and has matched more than 1,500 people.

Winer is a warm, approachable woman who left the house this cold winter morning with wet hair, dressed in a brown suit and black boots. Winer credits the success of her matches to her 20-minute, twice-a-day meditation sessions, which she says unleash her creativity.

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Data brokers gather information about you, then sell it to companies and individuals."She meets men and convinces them everything will be OK.All you do is write a check and she'll take care of everything else." When Maximova was running the company solo, she brought in 0,000 of business a year.A spokesperson saying, "As much as we understand how much we help the 19-million people who visit our site monthly, we understand there are some people who are uncomfortable with their data online."There is good reason to be uncomfortable. Identity thieves could use some of the information to commit fraud... It is like an extended game of whack-a-mole."Rob Shavell agrees, saying when a life event happens -Like a new baby or mortgage- that can trigger someone's information to be reposted."The upshot," Ridout says, "is people have lost control of their private information and they are frustrated with how many entities are wheeling and dealing their personal data without their permission."If you want to remove the information yourself, but aren't sure how to begin, check out our list of links to more than a dozen of the top data collection sites. If you want to remove the information yourself, 7 On Your Side has you covered.Below is a list of some of the top data collection sites, along with the links you need to start taking down your information.She constantly fiddles with her hair, elaborates a lot and leaves voicemails so long the machine sometimes cuts her off. "It's not always about what they say and what's written on paper," Winer says. It's a conflict of interest." After her divorce, she fled the Midwest cold and moved to California in 1979.Winer is pushy, direct and over-conscientious - useful traits in this field. I didn't want to go," says Lana Carter, a software engineer and former client. "I know the right thing to do." One of Winer's clients, a 52-year-old engineer, says, "In a relatively short period of time, she sizes you up as a person and knows a lot about you." Winer often guesses a client's age, height, birth order or educational credentials during her first conversation with them over the phone. Winer has no formal training in matchmaking, but notes her psychology background - she has a master's degree in guidance and counseling from Oakland University in Rochester, Mich. She was born and raised in Detroit, the middle child of a salesman and an executive secretary. "It's hard for everybody (to find someone)," Winer says. Shortly thereafter, Winer went out with a man who owned a dating service and found the industry intriguing.Perfect Search accepts all clients who are willing to pay a minimum of ,500 a year.While traditional matchmakers tend to pair paying clients with each other, with Perfect Search, only the men pay a fee.Winer won't work with belligerent men or borderline personalities.And she rarely takes on uneducated men because many of her female clients have college degrees and don't want to intimidate potential partners. "I was boy crazy (starting) at a young age," Maximova says. That's what leads me." Maximova's passion for romance is fitting for her career as a headhunter for love.


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