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Users can continue clicking "next" to shuffle through different users until they are satisfied with their pairing.The "video chat" button allows the user to communicate with the randomly paired user with via video.

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Ben Folds, a singer-songwriter known for his talent as a pianist, implemented Chatroulette into a concert in North Carolina in May 2010. A prior video of an amazing hooded pianist on the site whom many thought to be Folds sparked the musician to make his own video.

The video featured both Folds' screen and his multiple encounters with Chatroulette users.

People started to use it, but Ternovskiy did not think the name had the right sound to it.

After watching a scene from The Deer Hunter that depicted prisoners of war being forced to play Russian roulette, he decided to rename his website to "Chatroulette".

Now the site requires users to create a profile, including username, email address and password in order to create the profile.

This was in effort to encourage more meaningful interactions on the site, as well as increase the safety of all users.

The site intially only had 20 users and as the number of users kept doubling, he began working alongside a team of four other programmers.

Chatroulette initially never spent money on advertisements and instead relied on word of mouth to spread awareness of the site.

Notoriously, this lack of censorship leads to extreme voyeurism, 'public' nudity, and sexual acts.

As a result, Chatroulette is categorized as a not safe for work (NSFW) site.


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