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After the battle, cross the bridge to the north and talk to the nearby Trainer with his Mamoswine. You need to find his buddy before he will go back to the route.

An Alchemy Lab can be found in one of the chambers.

Within the cave are multiple bandits that have been slaughtered and enthralled by the vampires. The final large room is a large worked stone room with a shrine and statue dedicated to Clavicus Vile.

The cave's floor and some of its walls are covered with snow.

There are several large connected caverns with some man-made wooden structures and furniture set in place.

From the item, slide down, right, down, left, up, walk a few steps down to the last solid snow floor before the ice, and then slide left to a Pokemon Trainer. Not far ahead are two ice paths that extend further west.

The northern path leads to a single trainer, and the southern path lead to two trainers who will challenge you to a Double Battle.If you take the northern path, you can surf on the river to the west, and you can challenge the two trainers to a Double Battle in addition to the Single Battle from the northern path! If you wish to evolve Eevee into Glaceon, you need to level it up around here.There's also an Icy Rock in this room that will extend the life of Hail inside of battle.Surf south below the three rocks to reach the Never-Melt Ice.When ready, take the set of stairs down to the next area. Do not slide down to the entrance or you'll have to go all the way through Frost Cavern again!Another Pokemon Trainer will be at the other end of the icy floor.Slide up the ice path and investigate the rock on the right side to find another hidden Ice Heal. Why the Scarlet Onslaught is interested in such things is unknown, but by the look of things, the area surrounding the cave is heavily guarded. Take this scrying orb and travel north out of town and then northwest towards Scarlet Point. Make your way into the cave and battle your way to the bottom. The cave is divided into two sections: Haemar's Shame and Haemar's Cavern.Is it occupied by several vampires and has a shrine dedicated to the Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile.


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