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First up, Cameron Jackson relaxes reading a book on his couch when Marco Filipi stops by to use his computer.) finds evidence of Jackson's chat activities, giving him the opportunity to get in the pants of his porn star friend.Soon Jackson spreads open Filipi's wide hole, running spit down from his tongue into the cavern.

Kean continues his journey of ass pounding on his new German friend.

Since no one seems to be around, they decide to strip naked.

Both of three-ways are heated fuckfests where two tops plow the bottom boy's brains out.

The first frenzy is interesting because it appears to have been filmed in Sanchez Viva's actual home.

Afterwards, everything pretty much follows on the same level.

The second scene starts with the traditional set-up of two guys playing a billiard game.

First, Manchini removes his leather jacket, and sucks Kean's dick.

Kean plows Manchini , who stays balanced on a very rickety side table.

Dorsy ultimately pulls out to deliver one of his signature copious money shots.

Dorsy kneels to get Hunter off, coaxing out a hot wet load that covers his smiling face.


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