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Just as powerful as many of the words in these hymns are the stories behind them. Lead, Kindly Light In 1833, John Henry Newman had been traveling in Europe for his health.

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I've never been great at keeping a journal or history of myself.

I have a few things written, but this is much more day to day information about what I like and what I don't.

Is it better to have the smaller pictures and less space it will take up?

Is it better to print out the photos that are really special in a bigger size and still scrapbook them?

It gives young women opportunities to: Draw closer to Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ Feel the influence of the Spirit. It is intended to inspire young women and their families about the importance and value of participating in personal progress.

I'm compiling some Young Women in Excellence / Recognition Night programs here. Share them here, and they'll automatically get added to the list below!

“What Shared Book has done with Blog2Print is open a door to publishing that simply could not have existed before.

The number of books bloggers have created - and likely will create in the future - is astonishing, and reflects the emerging power of creativity in our culture.

I wish I'd done this when my children were younger, but at least I have photo albums with a poor memory.

I enjoyed reading about our Easter last year and remembering about what Brady did, my little teenager.


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