Celebrities dating hockey players

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Last year, Peyton Manning started playing for the Broncos, and Decker absolutely exploded.

1064 receiving yards put him in second place on the team behind the freakish Demaryius Thomas, but Decker had three more touchdowns than Thomas.

This is definitely one of the highest-profile NBA relationships in recent memory.

These two got together in 2010, right when Humphries started his tenure with the Nets.

We took it a step beyond speculation, and calculated the percent change in performance by athletes who were involved in celebrity relationships.

Different sport-specific statistics were used to determine a player’s success.Overall, the results are negative, but only by -4.6%.Most of that comes from a handful of negative breakup scores, creating an average of -5.29.His career prior to the relationship was mediocre at best.Once Kardashian came into the picture Humphries’ production exploded.First and foremost, let’s took a very broad look at our results.Below, a league-by-league comparison of the effect celebrities had on athletes.Below, you will find the stats for each sport we analyzed, as well as the celeb/athlete couple with the highest relationship score for that sport.AVG Relationship Score: 24.84 AVG Breakup Score: -15.59 Metrics Used for Calculation: Player Efficiency Rating and Win Shares NBA players seem to be a bit sensitive.Overall, their performance tends to improve when they are in a relationship.A 24.84% relationship score is third highest of the sports used in our study.


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