Candidating sermon

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Candidating sermon

And it is the power of His moral purity that brings Isaiah to his knees in recognition and confession of his sin.A Glimpse of Who God Is to Me Candidating Sermon ¡V Steve Simala Grant July 8, 2001This morning is somewhat unique for me ¡V I¡¦m preaching a ¡§candidating sermon¡¨, or sometimes called ¡§preaching for a call¡¨.The idea is that after hearing me preach you can determine whether you feel that this is the right match for our church right now, and then cast your vote accordingly.Record Keeping: Keep track of the churches with which you’ve been in contact as well as your answers to any questions they ask.Often, churches will ask similar questions (if not identical ones), so you will save yourself a great deal of work by keeping records of all the interactions you have had.This invitation will usually entail providing answers to a series of questions, preaching a sample sermon, meeting with church leaders, and other activities geared toward determining whether or not you are a good fit for the church and vice versa.It is important to remember that this process is a two-way street.I could spend my time this morning giving you basic biographical information ¡V like the fact that I was raised in the church, which wonderfully filled the unique needs I had in a single-parent family, first came to faith at age nine, had significant experience in ministry and leadership as a teen through my church and through Gull Lake Baptist Camp, and then when I was 19 was hired as ¡§Director of Youth Ministries¡¨ at Laurier Heights Baptist Church in March 1990. God¡¦s greatest desire is to save us from sin; both from its eternal consequences but also from its temporary consequences.3. On a few occasions in the Bible, a prophet was privileged to get a glimpse of God in a vision.But rather than go into detail about that sort of thing, I want instead to share with you my heart and my passions ¡V give you a glimpse of who God is to me and what my convictions are about Him and about the church. God calls us to be His people, serving selflessly so that all people can have the opportunity to respond to Christ¡¦s offer of salvation. In all of these, the characteristic which emerges most strongly is the awesome holiness of God.In this section, we explore ways you can get to know yourself better so that you can both help yourself in the search for ordained ministry and better serve members of the body for years to come. Dozens of practice questions are available for your use (for a large sampling of questions you can expect to field in an interview, refer to the resources listed below).Practice your answers to these questions and then ask a friend or two to interview you.


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