Campus dating violence fact sheet

• Undergraduate women, especially LGBQ women, reported the highest rates of sexual assault.

Overall, 41% of undergraduate women reported experiencing sexual assault since enrolling at Tulane.

Fifty-one percent of undergraduate LGBQ women and 39% of undergraduate heterosexual women reported sexual assault.

Overall, 18% of undergraduate men reported experiencing sexual assault.

Later today, Vice President Biden will deliver remarks at the Ohio State University about the importance of preventing sexual assault on college and university campuses across the country.

The event will highlight the public awareness and bystander intervention campaign, which seeks to engage students and all members of campus communities in changing the culture to prevent sexual assault.Only 23% of undergraduate men disclosed their incidents to anyone.84% of undergraduate sexual misconduct victims said Tulane did/would support them.Heterosexual women of color reported an 18% rate of sexual assault versus 35% for white heterosexual women.LGBQ women of color reported a rate of 38% and GBQ men of color reported 21% versus 46% for white LGBQ women and 42% for white GBQ men.• Fewer than half of undergraduate women (42%) and a quarter of men (23%) who experienced sexual misconduct reported disclosing their experiences with anyone.Only 42% of undergraduate women disclosed their incidents to anyone.Resource Guide The following resources and sample language documents are intended to be informative and flexible, and to be adapted to address the unique circumstances and needs of distinct campus communities.A “one size fits all” approach is not intended; and ultimately, school policies and programs will vary, reflecting the diverse characteristics, structures, and experiences of each school, as well as differences in state and local legal requirements.This was the university’s second student survey on these topics.In 2014-15, Tulane administered the American College Health Association-National Collegiate Health Assessment (NCHA-II) and the Healthy Minds Study (HMS) surveys.


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