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'This is not just a chance to meet some of the animals close up, this is real work,' says the Zoo`s Phil Knowling.

3) overcoming their fear when dealing with creatures.

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1) It is not exactly the same as schemes at other zoos. 3) It is particularly useful for people considering a career with animals.

4) His zoo has to charge more for it than other zoos charge. 3) It involves more contact with animals than some other schemes.

2) don't like being taken to zoos when they are very young.

3) tend to lose interest in zoos as they get older.

'I can't actually remember the last time I was in such a rush to get up in the morning. I left full of information and experience that I would never normally have come across,' another reported back.

The writer says in the first paragraph that many young people l) are unaware of the 'Keeper for the Day' schemes.

Peter Maltby, 16, has travelled from his home to be a keeper for the day at Colchester Zoo.

The trip is a present from his parents, who are accompanying him. The zoo offers two options, and while his school friend chose the carnivores (white tiger, snow leopard and lions), fed red pandas, penguins and seals, and visited the iguana incubation room, Peter chose the 'primates, birds of prey, small mammals and elephants' option.


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