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I had lymphoma cancer and she told me that I had constipation.I’m so blessed I went to emergency and got the help I needed or else if I relied on Dr. I could sue this lady for what she has done to me and my family but I don’t want to go through the hassle. Docrat is better but I wouldn’t recommend him either I wouldn't recommend Dr. I have to agree with most of the negative comments here that she is rude, unprofessional and even her medical knowledge is outdated.

I do not understand why she is in this field if she's not willing to help her patients to get better and this is what this industry is all about.

She told me she would not see HER PATIENTS because she will not paid for a certain reason.

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I called them back and had to give them all the info: phone #, fax #, and address..cause they were too useless to do any of it themselves. i never have to worry about my baby getting fussy waiting around for her appt, i had some bad back pains after the delivery and at my 6 week checkup, she recommended physio after she made sure i had coverage for it!

if you're looking for a doctor to chat with, no she's not the one for you...But if you're not willing to see your patients that trusts you with there life, I think you should switch careers. Cause that is truly sad and I feel bad for whoever come to your office. Morals for nearly 20years, she forgot my name, thought I was a substance abuser for my marijuana use for lupus and depression. She charged me for a double visit in October as well.I was to have a repeat pap..called to change the time to days prior, only to show up and have her tell me that my file has been closed. I find her very judgemental and not compassionate at all. Regarding my mental illness, it took a bit of repetition and being assertive with explaining the severity of my symptoms, but once she understood what I was dealing with she was very ardent about getting me the help I needed and even gave me her home phone number if I ever needed immediate help.She ingores anything you tell her and never goes out of her way to make you feel the least bit comforable. I've been going to her for 16 years, and she has no idea who I am every time I come in. They take forever to find your file, and they waste even more time logging INCORRECT information. i've been going to dr motala for about 10 years now, she had always been great for me, i say 'for me' b/c she's the kind the doctor i prefer, get in get what you need get out, i don't need my doctor to be my best friend and i LOVE never having to wait with an appointment, oh and i prefer not getting prescribed with crap on every and any little thing...When you visit a doctor you are very vunrable and she takes the power she has and abuses it making you feel like you are faking a problem by not taking it seriosly or saying there is nothing she can do. She refused to make a referral, because it "took too long to write." I had to make a 2nd appt. A month later, I got sick of waiting, so I called around to see and got information for a dermatologist. So I went to another dr, and within 24 hours, they got me a consultation appointment with the derm that I requested at dr. since i've got pregnant and had a baby, i appreciate her even more!If you are looking for senior chat rooms, we are going to help connect you with the best mature chat rooms that are available on the internet.It’s important that senior citizens have the ability to connect with each other through chats that are just for them.I am very disgusted with the way that I've been treated. She took me by surprise by how understanding she was, especially with a case as taboo and misunderstood as mental illness, in the end she was a big help. My mother has also had a terrible time with her throughout the years.I asked for an std check as i am a sexually active adult and she treated me like a prostitute. After a 2 weeks of waiting for my derm consultation appt, I started calling every 3 days to check on their progress.I know for sure that you do not get paid zero if you see them and also its for Dr.Motala to review these tests if they are safe to undergo big procedures, and if they find out other problems through these test, the first person to know is the family Doctors.


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