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Although the more i think on it, a non-binary police officer would be awesome, if you know of such a book, please let me know.I'm going to focus on heroes, as the post title suggests, this can also apply to side characters, even in non-romance.The weapon consists of three parts: the atlatl or spearthrower, the mainshaft and the foreshaft.

he human history of the Americas has its roots deep in the soil of Texas.

Lacking a written record it is not a history in the traditional sense of the word, but it is a cronological record none-the-less.

If one considers the native genius required to invent, without precedent, the atlats, and to fashion from hard stone the aerodynamic projectile point, the assessment of Indians as primitive, barbaric and crude becomes a gross misjudgement.

Texas shares with New Mexico the distinction of being the cradle of this art form. And the Hill Country, due to the longstand abundance of water and game, has unusually large concentrations of prehistoric artifacts.

The foreshaft was made of hardwood approximately six inches long, tapered at one end and nothced on the other.

The tapered end was secured to the mainshaft while a projectile point was tied with sinew to the notched end.A storyline where the police officer hero is accused of police brutality but of course everyone knows he is innocent that makes absolutely no mention of the current political climate is a lot of fantasy to ask your reader to engage in.See also storylines involving accusations of rape or other police corruption.Timelines are compressed, diseases particularly sexually transmitted ones are often non-existent, and there is a tradition of protagonists, especially male protagonists doing things that are really quite terrible and we hope there is enough groveling in the end to make it pay off.I don't want to yuck anyone's yum, if you really like reading about guys who break rules and laws to get their true love, then all of that is cool.The main shaft, made of a pithy-centered lightweight wood such as yucca or willow was usually four to five feet long.Three feathers were tied to the base of the mainshaft and the foreshaft was secured to the other.Angie Thomas' The Hate You Give, for example has an uncle who is a police officer and his character was great.Some of this was always true, some of this I and others are simply far more aware of, but of course much fiction exists in a time that is contemporary, yet divorced a bit from reality.But the point of him being a police officer is often that he represents the good guys. There is of course room in fiction for a police officer anti-hero, but I see police officer heroes who are presented as good guys who are just hampered by mean bosses who want them to follow protocol. I suspect some authors may do this to excuse violations of police procedure. But as a reader this looks to me like a character who should be fired.Yes, being a police officer is a job that has a lot of rules that make the job take longer. If you want to write a character who keeps violating the law without addressing what that really means, then I question whether you actually meant to write a hero at all.


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