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(The Uyghurs’ explanation was that they would only eat foods prepared consistent with specific religious requirements.) I did make a point of also eating at a Dicos, a famous Chinese fast food chain that I’d always wanted to try, that was, on reflection, perhaps more of a Kentucky Fried Chicken clone than I had envisioned.

As for city tourism, the first thing I noticed when walking around was the very heavy Chinese police presence.

My luxury hotel in Ürümqi, a high rise located just off the city’s central square, had several features typical of such hotels in China that may be less familiar to Americans used to staying in, say, a Four Seasons or Mandarin Oriental.

Most rooms will have been treated by prior guests as ”˜smoking’ rooms, even if designated otherwise.

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In fact, the Israelites and the Canaanites were very closely related biologically.

But it was notable to me that there was very little ethnic diversity among the patrons in these two types of restaurants.

Chinese stuck to Chinese food, and Uyghurs to Uyghur food.

The central Uyghur quarter of the city includes several picturesque mosques, a large, traditional covered bazaar, Uyghur restaurants (of varying size, sophistication, expense, and cleanliness) and several side streets with more shops and street food vendors.

But the ”˜tourist site’ highlight in Ürümqi for me personally was the Xinjiang Regional Museum.


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