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Perhaps the worst aspect of ‘Game’ is that it stunts your long-term development, even if you find it helps you in the short term. I say you shouldn’t make any changes solely to attract women if it doesn’t make you happier as well.You should only try to become a happier person – and if you are happy and comfortable with yourself, you will also be a better and kinder person to other people and women will appreciate you more. I’m not going to say that everything about Game is bad because there’s quite an eclectic mix of advice.

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I love the guys who think they need to be aloof, act tough, be cool, wear ridiculous articles of clothing (‘Peacock’), say a good line or whip out some trick to attract women.

‘Game’ is overall damaging to guys because not only will it not work, but it may destroy your chances with girls who genuinely like your type.

In some versions, numbers are used instead of names.

Months in the Gregorian calendar Like in the Hindu calendar, each month is divided into two fortnights.

This date, as well as the Buddhist calendar year as a whole, is dependent on the length of a , which is the time the Earth needs to complete a full orbit around the Sun in relation to fixed stars.

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Since this time span is about 20 minutes longer than a tropical year, which determines the onset of the seasons and which the western Gregorian calendar aims to reflect, the Buddhist year begins slightly later each year.

Most of the benefit that these guys got was just from a communal framework and support system to feel comfortable approaching women.

It also has some basic social psychological advice that is contained within this post.

In short, ‘Game’ is an effort to tweak yourself to make you more appealing to women.

You memorize lines, try to have a certain attitude (macho, cool, tough, alpha, serious), etc…


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