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基于 Free BSD 12.0-CURRENT,简体中文 Lumina 1.4.2 桌面,ipfw 防火墙,官方下载: True OS-Desktop-18.03-x6428-Mar-2018 2611400704 (光盘镜像)True OS-Desktop-18.03-x64md5 28-Mar-2018 33True OS-Desktop-18.03-x64sha256 28-Mar-2018 65True OS-Desktop-18.03-x64sig 29-Mar-2018 543(光盘镜像的官方PGP签名)True OS-Desktop-18.03-x64torrent 28-Mar-2018 199538(P2P 种子下载)True OS-Desktop-18.03-x6428-Mar-2018 2811118080(U 盘镜像)True OS-Desktop-18.03-x64md5 28-Mar-2018 33True OS-Desktop-18.03-x64sha256 28-Mar-2018 65True OS-Desktop-18.03-x64sig 29-Mar-2018 543True OS-Desktop-18.03-x64torrent 28-Mar-2018 214778True OS-Desktop-18.03 发行版的官方说明: https:// OS-Desktop-17.12 发行版的官方说明: https:// True OS 相关信息: utilities for managing and upgrading software from the local system or from a web browser or mobile device.App Cafe® does not require the password to install software.

On a desktop installation, App Cafe® can be run as a local application and optionally configured for remote access.

To launch the App Cafe® application on a PC-BSD® desktop, double-click its icon on the Desktop, go to Note if updates are available for any of the installed applications, an “Updates available” link with a yellow triangle icon will appear.

If you change the port number, make sure it does not conflict with another application running on the system. You will be prompted to input your password to save the configuration.

When using App Cafe® to access a system from a public network, it is highly recommended to configure the local firewall to only allow connections over the specified port number and from allowed IP address(es).

Applications which are not installed have a grey download icon. Applications which are required by other applications will not display an icon.

If you click on that application, a yellow “Required” triangle will be displayed and a “Related” tab will indicate the name of the application(s) which require it.By default, only the recommended applications for each category are shown.Alternately, to view all of the available applications for each category, click the “Recommended” button which will change to an “All Apps” button.It provides a graphical front-end to Free BSD packages, which are pre-built applications tested for Free BSD.It provides extra meta-data for these packages such as screenshots and lists of similar applications.The rest of this chapter demonstrates how to use the built-in graphical and command-line tools for managing software and upgrades.It also describes how to App Cafe® provides an intuitive, graphical method for installing and managing software.Applications which are already installed and which are not required by other applications have a red “X”.If you click a red “X”, a pop-up message will ask if you would like to uninstall that application.Click the name of a category to view the available software within that category.To view all of the applications installed on the system, click the “Installed Apps” tab.


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