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The episode starts with Brooke’s roommate, Glenn, staring longingly at the beach as some big old muscle men rub lotion on each other as he wonders, “Why don’t I have that?

” His love life has been struggling lately, which makes Brooke ask, “What if you have a little bit of straight in you?

The rules are stated that no one is allowed to tell their date they are actually doing this on a dare and have no interest in starting anything real. Brooke says she’ll “sacrifice my innocence” for Glenn.

Ashley is my girl though and says, “If it can happen for Glenn then maybe it can happen for you. ” Somehow their dates’ feelings don’t count, but hey,all’s fair in making sure Glenn is gay!

Butch Mc Gee takes her jacket off to make her chest more visible and Brooke is impressed with their size, saying, “Why don’t you push them up and out? Ashley’s date seems to be going well, although they seem to be the only women at whatever restaurant they went to.

When they get hassled by some guys, Ashley’s date stands up and is ready to kick some ass. If there isn’t one blooming, I think Glenn’s Midwestern chick should take a turn.

Brooke changes into an outfit appropriate for the motorcycle ride and her date is impressed. ” If his hair didn’t do it before, his recommendation of an apple martini sure did it. Brooke’s date takes her to what looks like a very cool restaurant with belly dancers.

Glenn’s date arrives and I’m pretty positive her Midwestern gaydar went “WEEEEEE! Unfortunately, their waiter mistakes Brooke’s date for a dude, which visibly angers Brooke.

” but agrees to be set up on a blind date as long as their other roommate, Ashley, goes on a date with a girl.

Ashley was a champ and said, “Whatever, I’ll go out on a date with a chick! Brooke then made her best grunting “ewww” noises — because girls are so icky — but reluctantly was on board.


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