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The Manual: What Women Want and How to Give It to Them This book has a pretty good description on its page.

It goes on saying something like, your lack of success with women is because you don’t understand or have the wrong idea of what women are attracted.

How to Date Young Women: For Men over 35If you’re an older guy and you want to date younger twentyish women, you have to know how to maneuver the often complex, delicate courtship practices of a younger woman interested in dating an older man.

Who better to get advice from than someone who’s dated young women for 25 years. Here's something fresh from the press: Hypnotica's The Collection of Confidence ☆ The Obsession Formula ☆ Tinder Hacks ☆ Text God ☆ 3 GIrls A Day ☆ Three Second Attraction ☆ Text Your Ex Back ☆ Facebook Seduction System ☆ Scroll all the way down for more...

There are still more books about attracting women and seduction.

If you need more books to read you can also try the following: Hey... Smart, driven, assertive women are succeeding at just about everything they do — except, for many, romance.Jenna Birch's is a research-based guide to navigating that confusing rift between who men say they want to date and who they actually commit to — what Birch calls "the love gap" — and a trailblazing action plan to help smart, confident, career-driven women find their match. is a creative tool kit of mindfulness exercises and meditation techniques that help you to truly engage with your present experience and create deeper love relationships with yourself, your partner, friends and family, and with life itself.Click here to buy., Jen Doll charts the course of her own perennial wedding guesthood, from the ceremony of distant family members when she was eight to the recent nuptials of a new boyfriend’s friends.Wedding experiences come in as varied an assortment as the gowns at any bridal shop, and Doll turns a keen eye to each, delivering a heartfelt exploration of contemporary relationships., a collection of 100 dating tips — complete with illustrations — that teaches clueless people the dos and don'ts of dating.The official start of spring is less than a month away. If dusting off your Tinder profile and getting back on the dating train is one such activity, well, I salute you. And with the new season on its way, you're probably thinking about all of the springtime activities you can't wait to get into.You can also use the tricks you’ll get to impress and stand out from the rest.There’s also a chapter on reading body language, expressions, and gestures.Bang: More Lays In 60 Days Here’s what it says: “Bang is a pickup textbook intended for men who weren’t born with the natural ability to sleep with a lot of women.It contains simple but powerful techniques, moves, and lines that offer a direct line to casual sex.” What?


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