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I just can't picture three gangbanger, inner-city thugs jailed for first degree murder opening up to a white, old pastor that they've never met. They "stole" a car from the apartment complex that they were hanging out at with the other gang members, notably Alonzo Bull.

Video during the time the card was used showed the stolen car and the driver.

Court documents state the video showed the driver wearing a hoodie while also covering his face with a pink sweater.

I am a regular, R6, who had commented similarly in previous threads that yes, this is a very strange coincidence, but Davey is not culpable in the murder.

(I am a regular...i.e., I recall the glorious Soft Butch Sous Chef case)Those hapless kids who committed this would have squealed long ago, if Davey had put them up to this. You can't get over your sense of injustice that whom you perceive as this narcissistic, arrogant guy should be so let off the hook by fate that his wife--with whom his huge ego was constantly disappointed--should so conveniently die and allow him to continue seamlessly with his over-the-top righteous Christian image.[quote]Davey brags about getting around the porn block What?!


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