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In this article, the terms The reason I say this is because many people wrongly believe that synthetic stones are fake.They confuse synthetic with imitation and more often than not, don’t want anything to do with them. First of all, lab-grown gems are produced by copying the properties of the original, usually by duplicating the environmental conditions that naturally mined stones undergo but in a much, much shorter time.These stones have a similar chemical composition, optics and crystal structure to natural stones. Sometimes lab-grown gemstones possess an even better, nearly perfect quality than that of their natural counterparts.

In this article, the terms The reason I say this is because many people wrongly believe that synthetic stones are fake.

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Even though the lab is a controlled environment and nowhere near as unpredictable or erratic as the outside world in which natural sapphires grow, it is still hard to predict what the exact shade of a synthetic sapphire will be.More astonishing was that sapphires actually came out of the earth in a spectrum of colours and that those sapphires were in fact untreated but not nearly as well known as the blue (heated) sapphire.How could it be that the untreated sapphire which came in a multitude of soft, pastel-looking colours were not appreciated worldwide for its unique rarity and natural beauty?In fact, of all the sapphires available for purchase worldwide, only about 10% are naturally colored (untreated) whereas about 90% of all sapphires showcased in jewellery stores have been treated in some way (generally to enhance colour and clarity).Unless verified by certification, almost all blue sapphires available for purchase worldwide have been altered by treatments in order to attain its rich colour.Once individuals understand that the sapphire comes in a spectrum of colours and can be untreated, it becomes imperative that they be able to view this phenomenon in person by simply visiting their local jewellery store.Sorbet Sapphire™ has therefore chosen to partner with a select group of jewellery stores and begin showcasing its unique collection of untreated, coloured sapphires.There is little doubt that the interest in and appreciation for untreated, coloured sapphires will continue to grow as knowledge and awareness of this truly unique gemstone increases.Through online and in-store education, Sorbet Sapphire™ will look to inspire both young and young at heart to appreciate natural beauty and true rarity.Add to that the fact that mining is a very expensive investment and it becomes clear why the prices of natural gemstones are constantly growing.So what’s the next best thing to natural sapphires? Synthetic sapphires, although grown through costly laboratory procedures, are not as expensive as natural gems but are just as good as the real thing. If you are considering buying a synthetic sapphire but are having doubts, then stay with me till the end as I walk you through just about everything you need to know before you make your purchase.


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