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First a few crackles as the poop begins to make its way through Jessie's butt hole and then a loud fart erupts in Danni's face!

As Jessie is pooping you can still see the big pool of warm yellow pee in her diaper where she flooded it so much, and this is turning Danni on even more.

Watch as she wets, poops and plays in her messy diaper, enjoying the feeling of the mushy warmth spread all over her butt and ozzing between her legs."I'm gonna fill this diaper up so good!

"There can be no doubt whatsoever that Kim loves to poop herself, and she adores the feeling of sitting on her poop and squishing it through her diaper.

I doubt you will ever see a more gorgeous girl in a poopy diaper than Kim in this new movie.

She's cute, sexy and so stunning in just socks and a wet and messy diaper!I was right about it being a big poop, actually it was HUGE!My panties tent out asfar as they are able to go before the poop breaks in half and squashes against my butt cheeks leavinga huge bulge in the back of my panties and between my legs. Check out the latest additions to the Wet Set Members Area for June, 2015.Check out the update previews from 2004 all the way to 2015. In my tight singlet and panties I squat down on the floor,a little push and I feel the warmth against the inside of my butt hole.I hold it right there for afew seconds taking in the delicious sensations it's giving me, before giving the push that my body hasbeen aching to do!I jiggle around and cross my legs, I push my hand hard against my diapered butt when I begin to feel the pressure of the poop wanting to escape.I'm scrubbing as fast as I can but I can feel it, I can feel the end of it staring to poke out! I can feel it sliding further out until it's squished itself against the back of my diaper!We are pleased to inform everyone that these problems are now fixed, and orders cannow be placed again using Visa and Mastercard I clench my butt cheeks to hold it inside as I continue to clean.I'm determined to get done before I let this poop out.You can tell by the look on her face how much she enjoys filling her pantieswith a huge load of poop.See her panties and pantyhose bulge out with thebiggest loads ever!


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