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The joke is that, don’t you know, Canadians apologize profusely about the littlest things, but it’s girded by the fear of overreaction that’s fueled so much conservative reaction to this movement, including on SNL.

(See: that Aziz thing a few sentences ago.) And given that it wasn’t pegged to any specific news event, the whole sketch had that weird feel of writers thinking they’re making a great point when in fact they’re not saying anything at all.

As they were when Hader was in the cast and Barack Obama was president, the best sketches were the ones where silly characters did silly things in their own, self-sustaining sketchworlds.

“Jurassic Park Auditions,” or five minutes of celebrity impressions coupled with Jurassic Park riffs, was probably an episode highlight.

The program has won 64 Emmy Awards, the most for any show in television history.

"SNL" also holds the title for the most nominated television show in Emmy history with 243 nominations.

“Girlfriends Game Night” takes a similar, albeit less explicit approach.

Cecily Strong brings her elderly, wheelchair-bound husband (Hader) to a game night with friends (Heidi Gardner, Aidy Bryant, Melissa Villaseñor), where his Cialis unexpectedly kicks in.

As soon as the first cousin’s (Cecily Strong) relation is revealed, however, the other two contestants balk at how everyone seems cool with this.

From there the sketch is yet another tedious exercise in bragging about its premise.


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